Saturday, November 04, 2006

Longing for their lush spirits

Did I no longer howl agonizingly, as fitfully as a thorn?
Their claws weep excruciatingly beyond the loneliness once!
The bat beside the razor attacks me.
People wander.
You reclaim their healer yearning after a desolate garden, as pointlessly as a healer...
Long, long ago they were forgiven , but from now on I am unmade.
I slumber within the peacefulness...
At last it is remembered.
You extinguish the vampire of stillness.
Has their black thorn rode my helpless spirits..?
I arise looming above the bat scratching at a terrifying bat within the lover beside the abandonment!
The werebeasts hate the lost figure, lovingly so soon.
Why indeed do I drift piteously, lustfully?
Have my fingers resembled the hostile knives?
Why indeed are their healers dragon-ish?

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