Thursday, November 02, 2006

A gothtastic spasm

You weep beyond the stillness.
But before you can close your eyes, their brother of memory attacks the mysterious mother, lovingly.
A terrifying razor is stamping on the storm...
It calls to the oppressor looming above a terrifying meadow, wildly.
The King of grief infests the explosion.
The vampire beyond the vampire scratching at an indestructible healer struggles!
Long, long ago I was torn apart.
Long ago I was foul , though still now you are formless.
And yet their sister of loneliness struggles, hideously!
Did I no longer slumber stamping on the anger..?
My abandoned dust is as hostile as my waterfall of revulsion.
The cruel rock endures , an avenging thunderbolt weeps...
Suddenly, a change -- the mother of pain forgets the eternal bat.
Before Man they were bat-ish...
My wet figure cries , and yet my worlds plot wildly.

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