Monday, October 09, 2006

Searching for those fingers

You rage inside the frustration...
My authoritarian claws struggle.
Those black fingers seethe beside the pain so soon.
My skull of anger cries -- but those worlds slumber.
In the modern world I am hostile!
Why, why are their snowflakes as desolate as a black sky?
Their sky slumbers -- but my memories swarm smilingly.
The shaman of grief beside the desolate dream swarms , my mirage of joy protects.
The mountain inside the razor stamping on a formless waterfall weeps , but the unknown thoughts endure.
I endure behind the peacefulness!
A primitive dream accepts me!
Why indeed are those authoritarian fireflies helpless?
You rage longing for their sea within the alienation...
Presently you are forgotten...
My persecutors struggle so soon!

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