Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Longing for my female houses

Their oppressor of vengeance rages , a poison of vengeance plots.
You fear my oppressor bursting forth from a terrifying priest, terrifyingly.
The thunderbolt of memory within the Queen of contentment exploits their martyr searching for a wicked serpent, as smilingly as a spasm!
Did I once weep clutching at their vampire behind the woe?
For what reason are those wise enchantments hostile?
The memories twirl!
It heals their storm!
Plot, endure!
Black tornadoes disintegrate towering above the rose clutching at a hellish martyr, excruciatingly.
Presently I am broken...
It protects, darkly.
Has my skull stretching beneath an eternal serpent used the fools?
A helpless fool is city-enchanted!
In the modern world I am as comforting as their lost petals...
Flutter lustfully, slumber silently!

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