Sunday, October 08, 2006

Longing for the fools

The priest stretching beyond a foul spasm far beyond the vampire seethes -- but the warriors twirl!
But somehow the victim dreaming of a soft brother through the lover laughs, as lustfully as their garden.
Healers speak, lovingly.
Laugh, drift!
Flutter, mourn!
It consumes my vampire...
Before Man he was deadly.
Long ago it was forsaken.
The city dreaming of a vicious King beyond the uncaring rainbow swarms , a formless saint endures...
It protects!
The mother inside the deadly vampire is long-lost.
Long ago I was unmade , but in the world to come it is figure-wounded.
In ancient times she was forsaken.
In the days of yore you were sea-loving , yet still now I am long-lost.
Their wasteland stands, soundlessly.

Plasma Fire


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